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 Physiotherapy, Showckwave Therapy & Massage Therapy in Edmonton

Relieve Physio works on to ensure that the science of moment is offered at its best. The most inspirational physiotherapy clinics are the ones that becomes a boon in improving physical strength. Years of professional knowledge groom an individual to be the most versatile expert.Our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton we assure the best physiotherapist making endless contribution in providing proper aid. The best physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton that protects the overall physical robustness of an individual with effective treatment methodologies. Physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton that offers exception treatment facilities.

Treating The Cause
Not Just The Symptoms

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Jijo Monachan is an excellent physiotherapist. I highly recommend this clinic for those who are looking for treatment for any Physio issues.

Swathi Bhaskar


I've seen Jijo for years for multiple issues regarding my back, shoulders and neck.
He's a huge advocate for proper posture, which we all need that little voice in our head to correct our posture! He has helped a great deal in my recovery from chronic pain. His exercises are simple and maintainable. He performed a myofacal release to aid in my recovery with my most recent back pain. He is brilliant at getting to the root causes for injuries. I highly recommend Jijo for any of your aches and pains.

Kelsey Erhardt

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