Our Team

Jijo Monachan PT


Registered Physiotherapist
Certified Postural Specialist


Master of Physiotherapy
Diploma in Osteopathic Manipulation Program (DOMP)
Biomedical Dry Needling Level 1 & 2
Certified Postural Specialist Program
McKenzie Training

What I enjoy most about being a physiotherapist is helping people to fully recover from pain and injury.

In clinical practice, my treatment philosophy is to use a hands-on approach to restore joint mechanics followed by an active treatment approach of muscle retaining and motor control strategies to correct movement dysfunction.

I provide individualized, one-on-one treatment and develop exercise programs geared towards the level and goals of the patient.  I use techniques that promote soft tissue release and increase mobility. This rapidly promotes healing, pain relief and returns normal muscle tone and joint function.
I have a wealth of practice and experience treating "difficult" or"tried it all before" type problems. I also frequently see more common types of injury, pain and overuse such as pain in the neck, back, muscles and joints. 

The sensitive nervous system and the body's vast connective tissue (fascial) network have been a focus of intense study for me over the years as well as the complex process of trauma recovery, but most importantly delivered with compassion and sensitivity.

I enjoy taking time to be present with each client and I pay very close attention to subtle clues and details that may be roadmaps to the source of the problem. I listen closely to what the client has to say, because they know what is off in their body, and can help me to help them.

I look forward to meeting you and assist you with healing process.


(587) 937-8850
Unit  301, Studio 19
5227 55 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6B 3V1
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